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The Charles Jordi Story

The Charles Jordi Hair & Beauty salon has a 30 year reputation in the development of unique natural preparations for skin, hair and bodily well-being.

The salon has products based upon decades of expertise in both natural and organic formulations, using the finest and purest of essential oils, plant and mineral extracts from around the globe.

Formulations are not driven by fashions or trends, but a desire and a genuine belief in improved well being using natural, non-synthetic short, addressing real customer needs not following the latest” fashion” buzz. Real results for real people.

Not only is Charles jordi one of the few salons to have initiated and developed their own products but also, through word –of –mouth now has an international reputation for ultimate product performance and excellence. Their loyal clientele classify Charles jordi products as must –have personal care.

The Philosophy at Charles Jordi

 Our Philosophy is to work with natural, high quality, safe ingredients in all our products and to do our utmost to ensure the end product remains as natural as possible.

Due to the nature of things, colour and slight variation of texture can occur, because with nature, the soil, the oceans and the climate are forever changing, however the effectiveness remains constant to the well being of the skin, which will be healthier, as there are no chemicals being absorbed into the skin.

Charles jordi products are none medicinal and are for external use only.